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We are the leading provider of medical billing services. Our focus is to simplify the process while you focus on providing the highest standard of care to your patients. We are the experts in handling the complexity in generating and collecting revenue and make it simple for you. We help you in accelerating your growth with our process driven and technology driven processes. We are scaleabe in a quick time and apply our best practices and process automation solutions enabling you in favorable outcomes.

Our centers in India has the highest qualified and trained workforce with capabilities to meet all your needs. Our role of managing and maximizing revenues driven by best-in-class cost structures, compliance with local laws. You need a service provider you can trust since your challenges are unique. And your search ends here. Leverage our tailored processes and delivery model to cater to your billing and admin requirements.

Our unique value proposition are as follows:

Driven by a team of professionals who have complete knowledge about the medical billing industry at the grass root level. We are Medical Billing specialists with decades of experience in handling large / mid / small size medical practices.We work on flexible engagement models regardless of size or scope as long as it is a win:win.

We have proficiency in working on various medical billing applications and possess excellent domain expertise.We are highly process oriented and highly flexible so as to adapt quickly to changes in the Healthcare Industry Protocols.

Along with the above services we shall also provide Monthly/Weekly Reports. This will give complete visibility of the practice performance as well as the performance of providers and their productivity and payouts. We help Providers and Facilities to match the bank deposit against the amount posted in the system .

In addition, a dedicated account manager, with zero hold time, will be assigned who will be responsible for your account. This will keep you abreast of your practice’s performance in every aspect. We also understand the security and privacy issues while handling PHI, and we take pride in being fully compliant. I do understand it is not an easy decision to outsource your billing which is directly related to the office revenue, but you can rest assured that we will deliver unmatched quality with peace of mind and that every measure is being taken to achieve this in a secured environment.

Thus in case you are looking for outsourcing your Billing, we can be the best fit for you.I understand that you would have questions and would like to discuss this further.Please reach out to us at 225-240-7074 or info@easemedsolutions.com . Alternatively, please let us know of a preferred time to get on a call and we will reach out to you.

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